About Me

My Credentials

While I do not consider myself a professional in health and wellness I have had a lot of experience in it. I was a Navy Corpsman and a Paramedic/Emergency Room Tech. A Corpsman is about the equivalent of a nurse in the civilian life. As a Paramedic and emergency room tech I went on ambulance calls and assisted nurses and doctors. So that is where my experience comes from. I know a chunk of fitness from the military and self study. I always went above and beyond in my training by learning all I could even above my level of expertise.

I consider myself rather knowledgeable in the medical aspect of things and not too bad with the fitness side. I also studied psychology as my minor and AODA (Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse) Counselor as my major. So yes I know what I am talking about and if I do not know I will tell you and not try to act like I do.

My Passion

I have a passion for health and wellness.I just can never get enough. It is always changing and there is so much to learn. I read journals, books, blogs, and anything that involves health and wellness. That is why I made this website to share my knowledge and to keep you up-to-date on the latest and best healthy news.

As far as practicing what I preach, well lets just say there is room for improvement. But I try to watch what I eat and to exercise regularly. I am very good at the preaching part but sometimes I fall short of putting it into practice. However, I am getting better at it. I am more aware of my health and wellness and take the steps to keep myself healthy and fit. Many people do not take health and wellness serious till they are told by a health care provider that they need to.

My Goal

My goal of this website is to keep you as knowledgeable as I can on the area of health and wellness. I will be doing extensive research and get you up-to-date with all that is going on. Of course I will not be able to cover it all but I will do my best. Like I said I have a passion for this niche and I take it seriously and to heart. So please have a look at my site and tell me what you think. I am open to any feedback and will do what I can to help you find answers.

Thank you and have a great day.

James A Steinmetz